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Required Documents/Checklists: 

For All Applications With W-2 Form Income:
1. Completed 10-page application and disclosures
2. Most Recent W-2 Form (1 year)
3. Most recent paycheck stubs within 30 days
4. Current monthly bank statement (all pages)
5. $300 lock deposit payable to US West Finacial Corporation (refunable at closing)

For Refinance:
1. Current mortgage statement
2. Property tax statement
3. Homeowner insurance agent’s name, phone number, and policy number

For Purchasing:
1. Purchase agreement
2. Copy of earnest money check and bank statement to show check cleared
3. Builder and/or real estate agent’s home number
4. Landlord’s name, address, and phone number

For Self-employed Iincom & 1099 Form:
1. Completed tax returned for most recent year (all pages)
2. 2 year business license

For Other Income:
1. Rental lease agreement
2. Social Security paycheck stubs and award letter
3. Pension paycheck stubs and award letter
4. Three months deposit bank statement to demonstrate item 2 or 3.
5. Evidence of divorce paper
6. Evidence of Bankruptcy Release Date